A lesson in Feijoada

'Chef' Liz Calder spent the day in the Snape Maltings kitchen, showing Head Chef, Mike Hunt, how to make the perfect Feijoada. (main picture). The tasting went extremely well, the plates were so clean they didn't need washing!

Below Liz shares her Feijoada recipe: 

LIZ'S (three-day) FEIJOADA (serves 15)
1lb carne seca* or salted corn beef
Large 5 inch chunk of bacon if available or lardons will do
1 ham hock
1lb pork ribs
2/3 pigs' ears
2/3 tails
3 trotters
2 pork fillets optional to add at end if more meat seems necessary
1lb coarse pork sausage
1lb thin hard smoked sausage...Italian type
2lbs black Brazilian beans*...no other type will make the right sauce
1 onion
Bay leaves
Thyme sprigs
Lots of chopped garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
4 heads spring cabbage very finely sliced
White rice
Farinha or ground cassava* served in bowls
5/6 large oranges peeled and sliced
1 hot salsa and another mild one
made with chopped chillies, onions, garlic, parsley, coriander and olive oil salt and pepper
* Available in Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish and other specialty shops
Two days before serving
In large pot soak the meats overnight in water in the refrigerator. Same for the beans, separately, having picked them over and washed them.
One day before serving
Cook meats till tender. I usually separate the salted ones from the non-salted to control the saltiness.
Cool and remove skins and small bones and fat. But the glutinous gristly bits should be left in as they contribute to the wonderful texture of the final dish.
Drain beans, add onions and herbs and boil in water till semi cooked.
Cook chopped garlic till golden in a little oil. Add to beans.
Add all meat to beans and simmer about 2 hours till tender.Cool.
Refrigerate overnight.
Serving day
Brown sausages. Slice meat into bite-sized pieces.
Simmer for as long as it takes for all ingredients to be well cooked and the sauce to be thickening.
Keep adding water as necessary. And keep tasting for saltiness.
Some people separate the meat for serving. I don't.
To ensure the delicious silky bean liquid, mash some beans with garlic and add to pot.
Test for salt and pepper. Add parsley and coriander chopped on top if you like.
Serve with rice, sliced oranges, farinha, very, very, finely sliced greens (cooked separately with a bit of garlic) and salsas.
I cook these in big black earthenware dishes which can go straight to table but any large pots will be fine.
AND A CAIPIRINHA OR TWO essential when cooking.